Spinning my first art yarn!

I know, I promised pictures and I haven't posted any. I'll get around to it! I went back and re-dyed the roving, and dyed another as well. I've already started spinning them up.

One thing I've had a problem with is joining two pieces of roving. I noticed it really badly when I was drafting the dyed roving, and then again today when I was about to set the twist for what I'd spun thus far. About halfway through, the green bit just slid right off the red. I had to tie them back together really quickly so I could keep on winding the yarn off my spindle. It was incredibly frustrating. And it's not the first time it's happened!

Anyway, I forgot to relay the most exciting news of all.

My dad gave me the go-ahead to buy some wool off of Etsy! It was mailed out today, and I should be getting it sometime this week! Yay! I can't wait! Especially since I sweet-talked my mom into buying me some dye the other day, so now I can make beautimous colors!

Oh, and speaking of dye... Don't look at Sam Moon for a white silk scarf. They do not have it. I guarantee you. I searched that place for almost half an hour for any solid light-colored scarf made from a protein fiber. NOTHING. Once I got all excited because I saw a bunch of pashmina scarves. Then I noticed that the tag said something along the lines of

Pashmina feel (10% rayon 10% cotton 80% polyester)

Not cool, Sam Moon.

Not cool. At all.

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