New Roving! And more!

I just got my roving, yay yay yay!!! I ordered it from Blarney Yarns on Sunday and I got it today, and the nice lady even included a 1 oz sample of some gorgeous green hand-painted roving with it! Yaaaaay! <3>.<

It's so ridiculously gorgeously soft... <3

AND! I went to Kroger earlier and I found a laundry bag there, and they also had these wide-tooth combs without handles that are absolutely perfect for making a hackle, so I'm going to do that soon, hopefully. Also, my mom bought me another book on handspinning (Teach Yourself Visually: Handspinning) and it's REALLY helpful and there's lots of interesting ideas and helpful informations in there. The best part is, it talks about spinning novelty yarns! Jeez, I didn't think I could get any more enthusiastic about spinning but I DID and now I just wanna spin spin spin spin spin! <3

Sorry for such a spastic post, but YAY! My first quality roving! It's so cuddly, I want to curl up with it like a teddy bear!

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