I'm officially a spinning addict.

A couple of nights ago, I was so desperate to spin something that I found a couple of new pill bottles, pulled out the cotton, and spun up a little ball of nubby crochet thread. Luckily, my mother realized that I was probably going to shave the cat if something wasn't done soon. This morning, she woke me up by tossing four little bags of JoAnn's felting wool on my head. I have to admit, I was surprised at her color choices -- "Moss Green" and "Red" -- but for all I care, she could have gotten Dirty-Diaper Brown. I'm gonna be spinning again soon!

Let's face it, though. Spinning red and moss green is going to look like a lame Christmas decoration, and that's definitely not the look I've got in mind. So... After everyone went to bed...

I dyed my first roving.

I took one package of the red and dyed it with a deep yellowish green, in hopes of darkening and mellowing out the bright red color. It's almost dried now, and I don't think it took as much of the color as I was hoping. I'll probably wind up re-dying it later in the same color.

My inspiration for this yarn is kind of a weird one. A while ago, I got some shampoo and conditioner and I absolutely fell in love with the way it smells. It's pomegranate green tea and it smells divine. Told you it was weird.

So! Pictures will be up later today hopefully. Much love!


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