Awkward First Post

For my first post, I think it's appropriate to have an introduction. I'm Kirsten, and I stink at blogging. I update regularly for a while (if I'm lucky) and then I just abandon the things completely, only to come across them months later. Hopefully this one will be different, since it's actually about something specific, whereas the rest have just been a glorified diary.

So, then, what is the point of this? It's pretty simple. Lately I've been finding new hobbies and interests that catch my eye. With each one comes a new obsession, and they're all really freaking cool. Even better, most of them interact, so I won't lose interest in one when I discover another. How, you may ask, do you keep finding all these hobbies?

The answer is simple. I happen to be looking at something relevant to my interests, and a word or phrase or link pops out at me. Curious, I investigate further, and eventually it leads to the discovery of a whole new subject. You may know it as the Wikipedia Effect, but it doesn't always take place on Wikipedia. I happened to be browsing a handmade shopping site a few weeks ago, looking at what hand-knitted and -crocheted items were on sale to see whether I could make something to sell. As I was browsing, I came across a beautiful knitted top. It cost close to a hundred dollars, so I knew I couldn't order it. But it looked fairly simple. I'm not a knitter, but I could learn. And what was it that the top was made of? Tea-dyed muslin and slub yarn? What on earth was slub yarn? Simple enough to find out, thanks to trusty Google. A slub yarn is a yarn that is intentionally spun with the occasional thick, fluffy imperfection, rather than being spun the same thickness all the way through. I was curious. I hadn't ever heard of slubs before. Imperfection? I finally found a page that explained how the wool had to be drafted before it could be spun, and that the thinner the section of wool, the more twist it would take. The fat parts wouldn't spin very much, and that would create a slub yarn. Before I knew it, my interest in crocheting had turned to an interest in spinning.

And spinning led to dying the yarn and felting.

So now, dear reader, I profess myself to be cursed with arts-and-crafts ADD. That is the reason that I require a place to keep people updated on my current hobbies. And that is the reason, too, that this blog came into existence.

Till next time,

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Anonymous said...

I love the rustic playfulness of the template you've chosen. I'll try to set aside my longstanding loyal loathing of livejournal and it's bastard children in order to keep an eye on this cute site.

Your ramblings are wiki-effect personified sometimes, so that'll be something at least.


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