SOCK it to me

Yes, yes, the title is incredibly lame.

However, I have finished the gusset of my sock, and now all I have left to do is the foot and the toe! This pattern is the Vivace Socks pattern, and I'm using Red Heart Soft Baby yarn in the Bunny Print colorway. I haven't done the picot edge yet, since I plan to sew down the hem after I finish the whole sock. Also, please ignore my horribly deformed ugly hobbit feet! I tried to hide as much of them as possible. (Pics at bottom.)

For the toe, I will be using a bit of a different technique than the pattern suggests. I found a really cool process for making toes anatomically correct, so that they fit your foot much nicer. The end result is a toe that has one side decreasing before the other, so that you need to put them on the right feet, and they conform much nicer to your foot. I found this awesome technique at Persnickety Knits. Before I started this sock that I'm working on, I did something experimental first. I made a really short sock (which is probably going to wind up being my cat's Christmas stocking) so that I would know what I was doing when I tried a real sock. Basically I only really knit the cuff, the heel flap, the heel, the gusset, and the toe so that I would have a feel for what I was supposed to do and I could make all my mistakes on that sock instead of one that I wanted to wear. I tried the Persnickety Knits toe on my experimental sock, and when I put my toes into the sock, it fits perfectly, no baggy extra fabric. Of course, the sock can't exactly fit on my entire foot, so I feel like Cinderella's stepsister, but the toe is fabulous!

Also, unrelated to socks, my fiancé is a big Renaissance Faire geek. He's also a big regular geek. He's going to be making some dice for a cool gypsy-style gambling game, and he needs a dice bag that he can carry around. Instead of making a leather one like I'd originally planned, I recently found this AWESOME pattern that's way too perfect for such an endeavor (especially since he's talking about making bone dice!) More on that next post. ;)

So! I've got a lot of handspun and unspun fiber lying around. When I finish this pair of socks, I'm thinking about tying the ends of all my handspun together and making a pair of FRANKENSOCKS! What do you guys think? Also, do you think I made my heel flap a little too long? For my next pair, should I keep it a little shorter?

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